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Social Fundraising Campaign: LIP/Follicular Bronchiolitis

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Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia (LIP) is occurs when certain immune cells (lymphocytes and plasma cells) accumulate in the interstitiium. The tissue is usually a really thin layer between the respiratory surface and the blood vessels. When this tissue thickens with the cells, it makes it harder for oxygen and carbon dioxide to cross between the blood and the air. 

The airways that carry air into the lungs are called bronchioles. Sometimes lymphoid cells create a follical in the bronchiole and can be associated with inflammation and on-going infection, which is known as Follicular Bronchiolitis.  

While these are different disorders, they can occur together in some patients. Scientists do not really understand why these cells accumulate in the airways, but both of these conditions are often assocaited with immune disorders. We need your help to find out more about this devastating disease! 

Disclaimer: Any funds donated in support of a patient or their family cannot be used to fund direct medical costs or be given to the family to cover medical or other expenses. Instead, it will be used to support the efforts in that patient’s diagnosis to benefit all children that share that diagnosis. For every dollar that is donated here, 70% will go directly to LIP/Follicular Brochiolitis programming. The remaining portion will go into the general fund to be used where it is most needed. 


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