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Social Fundraising Campaign: Pulmonary Surfactant Deficiency

Money Raised: $1,550.00  Campaign Goal: $50,000.00


Pulmonary Surfactant Deficiencies are a group of disorders that are caused by a change in the structure, transport or recycling of pulmonary surfactant. This is a really important substance in the lungs that allows the tiny airsacs to stay open to fill with each breath. With surfactant that is absent or does not work well, these tiny air sacs can collapse which keeps them from being able to supply oxygen to the body. 

There are several genetic mutations that have been identified in this group including SP-C, SP-B, TTF-1, NKX-2, and ABCA3. There are no FDA approved treatments to halt or reverse the effects of these mutations. We need your help to find out more about this devastating disease! 

Disclaimer: Any funds donated in support of a patient or their family cannot be used to fund direct medical costs or be given to the family to cover medical or other expenses. Instead, it will be used to support the efforts in that patient’s diagnosis to benefit all children that share that diagnosis. For every dollar that is donated here,70% will go directly to Surfactant programming. The remaining portion will go into the general fund to be used where it is most needed. 

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Alyssa Jane Altman

  Raised: $775.00
  Goal: $10,000.00

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